We design and manufacture electronic devices in a comprehensive manner, i.e. starting from the very idea and ending with the finished product. The process of creating electronic devices consists of many important stages. At the very beginning it is necessary to precisely define the functions and features of the device, make appropriate calculations and create a block diagram. The next step is to draw an ideological diagram, select electronic components and perform a simulation. If the design also includes a housing, the right choice must be made, not only in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of material and environmental conditions. The enclosure can also be dedicated to the solution and should be designed in this way. There is no problem for us to print the prototype on our 3D printers. If the diagram is ready and the simulations were successful, then it's time to design a printed circuit board, which will of course perfectly match the aforementioned enclosure. A very important stage is the construction of the prototype and thorough functional testing in the short or long term.

We also develop software for embedded systems, for Windows and Linux operating systems and for mobile devices. We use programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Assembler, SQL/Postgre, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, PHP.

Success! Time for production. We do not have our own assembly lines. We commission the production of electronic devices to Mikro Automatyka, which is our technological partners. We produce in Poland because we focus on quality and reliability of our devices. By not manufacturing in China we also protect ourselves against reverse engineering and technology theft.

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